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Hello world! on the move again. New server and a refresh of the site layout – blog is moving over here to¬†since it’s really not used. It’s also a fresh install to tidy things up a bit.

We’re also going to try something new out on the front page.

All mail settings are updated and email moved – we good to go for another 8 years or so!

So far the banners are photo’s I have taken. If you’d like to offer some generic banner photos that you think would look good size them as 1000 x 288¬† Pixels (Ratio 1:3.47) and I’ll put them in the rotation (Crop first then resize).

If you got a few pictures of little or big Dobeys you want to present to the world I’ll put those on the “Photos” page linked from the home page.

On the move …. again is on the move again, this time just to a new server machine with in the same hosting provider. Switch should be seamless – just need to set up all the email addresses again … groan ….

IF you can see THIS page then you have arrived at the new server. While all email address will remain the same your user name use use to connect and collect your email has changed a little – you need to drop the “web37_” prefix and just add a “” suffix instead, this change needs to be made in your you email program (i.e. outlook). You will NOT lose any email while you make this change. Check webmail to see that you can log in ok.

On the move is on the move. I’m moving this site to a fully hosted domain and away from yahoo domains (our previous domain host). The new site will be hosted by blacknight solutions. This should be happening in the next few days