Hello world!

Dobey.net on the move again. New server and a refresh of the site layout – blog is moving over here to dobey.net/blog¬†since it’s really not used. It’s also a fresh install to tidy things up a bit.

We’re also going to try something new out on the front page.

All mail settings are updated and email moved – we good to go for another 8 years or so!

So far the banners are photo’s I have taken. If you’d like to offer some generic banner photos that you think would look good size them as 1000 x 288¬† Pixels (Ratio 1:3.47) and I’ll put them in the rotation (Crop first then resize).

If you got a few pictures of little or big Dobeys you want to present to the world I’ll put those on the “Photos” page linked from the home page.

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