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The Year that was 2005.

Kevin's Photo Review of 2005 Collage (Small)

I’ve been reviewing all my photos from the past year and selecting a collection which reflect the year that was 2005 for us.

Obviously there is going to be quite a lot of pictures of my two little girls.

So what happened in 2005. Well…

  • Laura’s baby sister really started to get big
  • Mel turned 30
  • Anthony got married to the lovely Gráinne
  • Michelle got married to Tom
  • Stephen and Neasa got married (to each other)
  • We had 2 weeks of glorious weather in Taracove (Wexford)
  • I spent a weekend on the Shannon on John’s boat with the “the boys”.
  • Laura turned 3 and Caoimhe turned 1 – walked and really started to make some coherent sounds
  • Santa came to town – big time

The 2005 in review album is 87 pictures and you can find it here. (Use arrow keys or mouse to navigate)
For those who object to flash you can just skip directly to the images.