On the move …. again

Dobey.net is on the move again, this time just to a new server machine with in the same hosting provider. Switch should be seamless – just need to set up all the email addresses again … groan ….

IF you can see THIS page then you have arrived at the new server. While all email address will remain the same your user name use use to connect and collect your email has changed a little – you need to drop the “web37_” prefix and just add a “@dobey.net” suffix instead, this change needs to be made in your you email program (i.e. outlook). You will NOT lose any email while you make this change. Check webmail to see that you can log in ok.

One thought on “On the move …. again”

  1. Hi, I was doing a search for my last name, actually my husband’s but I am proud to have it, and your website came up. I was wondering where your family was from. We are from Illinois, Adams and Brown County.
    My email address is smdodey at yahoo.com.nospam if you want to email me.


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